Communiqué de Nintendo sur ses résultats

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Si le rapport en anglais ne vous tente pas je le comprend,... donc en gros Nintendo se porte bien financièrement parlant avec 84,33 millions de DS vendus, 454,63 millions de jeux DS vendus. 34,55 millions de Wii et 229,85 jeux Wii...

Nintendo Reports Record Sales, Increases Shipment Forecasts

Nintendo Co., Ltd., today announced in Japan consolidated first-half financial results for the six-month period between April and September 2008, highlighted by record high sales and profits, and increased shipments for the company's popular Wii(tm) and Nintendo DS(tm) video game systems.


Because of the strength of the yen against the dollar and the euro, Nintendo revised its annual forecast for operational, recurring and net profits downward. However, the annual sales forecast of two trillion yen was left intact mainly because the company increased its shipment forecasts for Nintendo DS software (to 207 million from 197 million), Wii hardware (to 27.5 million from 26.5 million) and Wii software (to 200 million from 186 million).


Other highlights announced by Nintendo today include the following cumulative shipment figures from launch through the end of September 2008 :

  • With shipments of 84.33 million hardware units worldwide, the portable Nintendo DS has surpassed cumulative shipments for Nintendo's iconic Game Boy(tm) Advance (81.36 million).

  • Nintendo DS has shipped 454.63 million software units worldwide.

  • Shipments of Nintendogs(tm), the puppy-interaction game for Nintendo DS, have topped 20 million worldwide.

  • Shipments of the Wii console are at 34.55 million hardware units and 229.85 million software units worldwide.

  • Shipments of Wii Fit(tm) have topped 8.7 million worldwide.



Consolidated financial results for April-September 2008 in millions of yen

   April-Sept 2008  April-Sept 2007  % change
Net Sales  836,879  694,803  +10.4
Operational Profit  252,183   188,784  +33.6
Recurring Profit  237,306   215,376  +10.2
Net Profit  144,828   132,421  +9.4


Revised consolidated annual financial forecasts in millions of yen

   Full-Year Forecast
As of Aug. 29, 2008
 Modified  % Change
Net Sales  2,000,000   2,000,000   N/A
Operating Profit  650,000   630,000   -3.1
Recurring Profit  700,000   580,000   -17.1
Net Profit  410,000   345,000   -15.9


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